Snow White VFX Oscar Nomination

Snow White and the Huntsman has been nominated for a Visual Effects Oscar.

Nvizage spent five months creating previsualization content for Snow White and the Huntsman. Utilising a virtual camera system, Nvizage worked alongside Visual Effects Supervisors Cedric Nicolas-Troyan and Phil Brennan, and cinematographer Greig Fraser.



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CG Artist

Nvizage is mentioned in the "Virtual production explained" article in the latest edition of CG Artist (edition 49)

"Technologies used in filmmaking, animation, and videogames are merging into a system for effects driven tentpole movies that hark back to a classic filmmaking environment. We explore the tools and techniques used in virtual production" 

Michael Burns talks to virtual production pioneers and experts - Rob Powers, Bruno Sargent, Oliver Hotz, Nic Hatch, Seth Steiling and Richard Shackleton.



Grim Fairy Tale

Check out this quarters Cinefex magazine 130 for Jody Duncan Jesser's article Grim Fairly Tale talking to visual effects supervisor Cedric Nicolas Troyan about Snow White and the Huntsman. The story features Nvizage's work in creating previs using the Optitrack Virtual Camera System.

"On-set previsualization contributions by Nvizage helped insure production effciency"


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Snow White and the Huntsman Fairy Tale Battleground

Who is the fairest of them all? OptiTrack’s Insight VCS, according to preeminent previs house Nvizage. Used on Universal’s “Snow White and the Huntsman” to bring in six major sequences and over 320 shots, OptiTrack’s virtual camera system became the crew’s window into a world that blurred the line between real and make-believe.

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Augmented reality for virtual production

British pre-visualisation specialists Nvizage is to launch a camera-tracking device that is able to reconstruct exact replicas of real environments in the virtual world and in realtime.

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