Virtual Cinematography

On Warner Bros’ Wrath of the Titans and Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman, Nvizage  offered a motion capture virtual camera system to the directors and DOPs to operate realistic hand held camera-shooting styles on both of these productions.

Virtual cinematography played an important role in designing shots on Hugo.  Nvizage built a desktop virtual camera for VFX supervisor Rob Legato on Hugo. This hands on approach allowed Legato to create shots first hand rather than directing animators and previs artists to program the shots themselves.

The system comprised of specially designed mini jib arm and an OConnor fluid head, both fully encoded to drive the motions of a virtual camera within Nvizage’s computer system, through Motion Builder, all in real-time. The system proved to be invaluable for Director Martin Scorsese: to explore the vision of the railway station set, and make important production choices in advance of shooting. Ultimately, Nvizage strive to give the creative control back to the filmmakers.

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